The Cape Fear Blues Jam
Every Tuesday and 1st Saturday of the month at The Rusty Nail.
Bring your instruments and ears.  We'll do the rest.
The Cape Fear Blues Jam
Each Tuesday @ 8 p.m.
1st Saturday @ 8 p.m.
The Rusty Nail, 1310 S. 5th Ave.
Wilmington, NC / 910-251-1888
The Rusty Nail
Travelin’ Blues:  Wilmington, NC & the Cape Fear Blues Jam

I don’t know about you, but when I hear there’s a blues jam in a bar directly across the street from the International
Longshoreman’s Association Hall, I’m interested.  The mystery, intrigue, and adventure of checking out a location
like that tends to be overwhelming.

The Rusty Nail at 1310 S. 5th Street in Wilmington, NC is such a place.  The Cape Fear Blues Jam (sponsored by
Cape Fear Blues Society) happens on Tuesday nights at 8pm and typically goes until midnight.  It is run by a
real nice guy named Pete Durso.  You can check out all the statistics at and click on the
blues jam page.  Pete runs the jam with military precision (“Musicians for set three please report to the stage”), but
the atmosphere is perfectly casual. Everyone is there to have a good time and listen to some great music.  Last
time I was there, I was the only harp player!   A dream destination for a harmonica stylist, if there ever was one.

Let me also reiterate the fact that everyone I’ve ever met there is as nice as they can be, and they are all easily
engaged in conversations about all things musical.  Next time your travel plans include eastern North Carolina,
schedule a stop at
The Rusty Nail (910-251-1888).

Keep the Blues Alive!

Jack Campbell / The Natchel Blues Network /
Norfolk, VA

(Many thanks to Jack Campbell for his talented harp work and unsolicited commentary.)
A Little Bit Of Memphis And A Whole 'Lotta Chicago...
The Cape Fear Blues Jam is a true, live music gem among Wilmington Blues artists and
listeners.  Even more impressive are the real numbers that reflect the popularity and high
profile that this weekly event has reached: To date, tens of thousands of people have
passed through the doors of the
The Rusty Nail to be a part of this musical institution.  
That's more than its earliest years combined and the numbers mirror the openness,
accessibility and welcome atmosphere that the
Cape Fear Blues Society has infused
into the Jam since ratcheting-up the quality of its equipment, structure and schedule in

Cape Fear Blues Jam occupied a number of class establishments prior to the Rusty
Nail.  Without exception, Rockit's Sports Bar had the best stage in town, the River Club
was a cavernous blues performance hall, while the Icehouse provided the occasional
outdoor gig.  These and other venues played an important role in the development and
aura that the Jam now enjoys, but the Nail adds another dimension that overwhelms you
the moment you step inside: Blues atmosphere.  Period.  The low-slung ceiling, late-50's
linoleum and rotating, vinyl-clad barstools conjure up another world where jukin' was
king, Muddy Waters ruled, and all the ladies wore wig hats on their heads.  It's a little bit
of Memphis and a whole 'lotta Chicago.  Toss in a couple of billiard tables, some cold
beer, top-shelf spirits, walls of memorabilia, a stage full of talented Blues players in front
of an eager audience and you've got a rollicking Wilmington saloon that can claim
Tuesday nights (and the 1st Saturday of each month) all for itself.  Life is good.

Another unique aspect that sets the
Cape Fear Blues Jam apart from any other jam
you've ever visited is the equipment.  The
CFBS owns every bit of it and continuously
maintains and updates it for the convenience of our musicians and the enjoyment of our
audience.  We proudly use Fender Hot Rod & Peavey Delta Blues amps, PDP/DW drums,
Sabian cymbals, a Peavey bass rig, Shure mics and a full-bore, professional P.A. system
operated by a qualified soundman who doubles as the evening's jam master.

We've perfected a system that allows all musicians who attend our Jam an opportunity to
play: we limit all sets to 3 songs or 20 minutes, whichever comes first.  And although we
don't have any blues police to interfere, we do insist that everybody plays the blues.
Whether it's West coast jump, Delta stomp, Detroit soul, Piedmont finger-pickin' or
South-side jukin', we welcome all of it at the
Cape Fear Blues Jam.
The Cape Fear Blues Jam is owned and operated by the Cape Fear Blues Society and
sponsored in cooperation with the local venues that host these important blues events.  
If you have questions, concerns or comments about the Cape Fear Blues Jam, send an email
to us today.  Click
(c) 2008  Cape Fear Blues Society
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Cape Fear Blues Society
Producing, promoting, and presenting blues music throughout the Cape Fear region of North Carolina.
We fondly salute our good friend, JOHN KORELL.  
A talented musician, exceptional producer, and an
extraordinary human being.  He proudly supported
the CFBS, performed often at the Cape Fear Blues
Jam, and was a regular participant at the Cape Fear
Blues Festival.  His contributions to our local music
community will always be remembered - and we
shall never forget his good deeds and kind heart.
If you ever frequented a Cape Fear Blues Jam, you
were bound to run into
Gibson guitar, unmistakable voice and amazing
ability to greet every listener in the room left a
lasting impression. His love of Blues music, along
with a desire to share it with the world around him,
made him iconic. He was a devoted family man and
a friend to all - and we miss him.
GLEN JOSEPH never met a piano he didn't like -
especially if there was a crowd nearby. Whether
at church, at a party, or at any Cape Fear Blues
event, Glen could tickle the ivories like no one's
business. He had boundless love of family, he
cared for his friends, and he had deep respect
for the Blues. We'll always feel the same for him.